Monday, February 2, 2009

JJ and his mastery of JIU YANG SHEN GONG

little was known that JJ, the nerd with turd had actually secretly mastered another form of lost kungfu - JIU YANG SHEN GONG. this was reported lost after the death of chang wu ji, the reluctant leader of MING JIAO which was an unorthodox clan that rebelled against mongolian invasion of china in the past.

JJ who was grossly infatuated with lamui felt neglected and shunned. he shouldn't have stripped his red t-shirt infront of lamui during the execution of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY STROKES against the mata kias from the LEEgime. his bouncy white porky flesh had frigid lamui which was a dreaded feminine impotence.

one desperately lonely night, as the horny JJ couldn't tolerate any longer, he cheonged into a geylang whorehouse. passively, he laid on the bed not only stripped of his t-shirt, his turd stained red undies was also dropped!

entered a scantily cladded whore. as she slithered into bed with the stark naked JJ, her gentle hands slithered and coiled round his little worm hidden under his pelvic bush. she stroke. he jerked moanfully.she caressed. he ahhhh.....and ahhhh...and ahhhh. the moans and groans grew louder. it was over. yep! in a matter of minutes, JJ had bukkake and gave the whore an organic facial of warm personal moisturising creme.

what JJ was about to find out shock him pleasantly. the whore removed her stained wig. it wasn't a she. she was a HE!! lo and behold!! and it was JJ's army camp mate. it was the one JJ fanatically obssessed with. priceless!! they went for a second helping. this time without the wig.

after it was done, Andriana which was his name now picked up his wig. JJ had knew him as Andrew Hole. whatever his name was now, it was irrelevant. JJ was grateful that he got the cum in ANDREW HOLE and fulfilled his long time obsession.

andriana: J darling, i have been following your heroic performance of red t-shirt stripping. i think u would do better with this.....

from within his wig, he pulled out a dildo. oops! wrong stuff. he rummaged through and pull out another soiled undies. wrong again.....he pulled and he pulled. soon the bed was filled with weird stuffs like pricky cactus, rotten banana and even a half chewed hotdog from the sdppies' recent new year eve party.

andriana: sorry...pai seh. it is! this piece of extra large toilet paper.
JJ: eeee....hell! what's that? a used stained piece of monster tissue?
andriana: no, no. this is my family's heirloon of kungfu secret manual. it's the lost deadly skiill of JIU YANG SHEN GONG. it would help u alot when u r doing the stripping in public again. u need to drop your undies to execute this stance. anyone within 1 metre would be pulverised at what cums out from ur pelvis!!

the revelation stunned JJ with mouth wide agape. andriana continued, "yes J darling. i think u can do it. u r so brilliant nerd. forget your turdy darts. use your cumshot instead. but u have to be very cautious...or u would end up like me...*sob..sob*"

and there they went again. one more round frolicking freestyle in the bed....

after weeks of training secretly with the kungfu manual of JIU YANG SHEN GONG, it was about time that JJ tested the deadly stance. in deep concentration, all his qi went downwards gathering at his pelvis. the cannon raised - stiff, straight and aiming. kapoot and a loud ah! it shot out hitting a watermelon target 1 metre infront of him. 5,4,3,2,1....fizzzzz....watermelon melted and turned into curdish red juices!

yeah!! JJ had mastered JIU YANG SHEN GONG. he could even tell his proud mum now: "LOOK MUM NO HANDS!...IT'S JIU YANG SHEN GONG

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